Ullr Brewing’s purpose is to grow the world of delicious, honest beer using quality raw ingredients and recipes that are balanced, yet rich in character. Every beer is carefully produced in small batches, normally 250 liters per brew day, and then packaged completely by hand.

The primary goal is to offer approximately five beers that are always available. These beers cover a range of styles to suit most “moods”. These are interesting, yet very drinkable beers you can always count on. 

From time to time, Ullr Brewing gets the itch to do something crazy, perhaps something perfect for the season or a request from a friend. Being a small, independent brewery allows Ullr to focus on producing distinctive, quality beers.

Please share Ullr beer with people you love and enjoy Ullr’s goodness together. Cheers!


Currently Available:

Core Beers… Hoppy Blonde, California Common, Rye Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout
3.50chf per bottle
20chf per 6 bottles with Karton carrier
33chf per Crate of 10 Bottles (+10chf crate deposit)
75chf per Crate of 24 Bottles (+10chf crate deposit)

Specialty Beers… Belgian Quadrupel
5.00chf per bottle,
28chf per 6 bottles with Karton carrier
45chf per Crate of 10 Bottles (+10chf crate deposit)
100chf per Crate of 24 Bottles (+10chf crate deposit)

Ullr Hoppy Blonde

A Blonde Lager single hopped with Nelson Sauvin. A touch of Wheat Malt gives it a smooth body that balances citrus, white wine and tropical flavors of this unique hop.

How to Enjoy
Hard to go wrong with this beer. This is the anytime, anywhere, anyone beer. It just plays nice all around. If you don’t know what kind of mood you’re in, this is the mood you’re in.

Ullr California Common

Hybrid beer style using a unique lager yeast that ferments at ale-like temps. Northern Brewer hops add a minty buzz and fruity aroma that balance  subtle caramel malt flavor

How to Enjoy
Hard to go wrong with this beer. This is the anytime, anywhere, anyone beer. It just plays nice all around. If you don’t know what kind of mood you’re in, this is the mood you’re in.

Ullr Rye Pale Ale

A not-so-pale Pale Ale that offers a harmonious blend of hops and malts. Rye Malt adds a sweet spice that softens an assertive hoppy flavor.

How to Enjoy
The Rye Pale Ale is very close to an IPA, but the hop bitterness not as aggressive as most IPA’s. It pairs well with many foods. It is especially tasty with spicy dishes and helps bring out sweet elements of savory foods.

Ullr Oatmeal Stout

An Oatmeal Stout with a tiny twist. This medium-bodied beer is slightly hoppier than normal, which brightens the chocolate and coffee-like malt flavors making it very smooth and drinkable.

How to Enjoy
This beer is good all year long but is especially nice in the cooler months. Pairs well with rich meals like roasted meats and veggies, burgers, BBQ, sharp cheeses and even cheesecake.

Ullr Belgian Quadrupel

Strong Belgian style beer with intense flavors of Plums and malt sweetness. The smooth mouthfeel and warming character make this beer perfect in winter.

How to Enjoy
The “before or after” beer. It’s great before dinner or after dinner. It’s also interesting to evaluate yourself before and after enjoying. After refrigeration, allow bottle to warm a bit and pour into a rounded glass. Enjoy with a friend.

The portraits above were photographed by Jürgen Atzgerstorfer, he finds beauty everywhere at https://photogenics.ch/ Dig into his stuff a bit, it’s good.

The graphic design and branding for Ullr Brewing was created by Yaco Roca in Bogotá, Colombia. Capturing the adventurous spirit of this Swiss beer brand from Bogotá was no easy task. Check out his passion for design at http://yacoroca.com


Please email Brian if you are interested in any of the services offered below…

Mobile beer bar to serve up to FOUR (4) Ullr Beer styles, fresh from the keg.

Perfect for large private parties, corporate events and festivals.

Keg delivery for house parties.

Simple unit to serve fresh draft beer at your house party. Each 20L keg is equivalent to approximately 60 33cl bottles.

Virtual Beer Tastings

Brew-a-longs and Private catered events at the Brewery.

Custom beer orders and labels for special events.

Someone to talk to about beer.


Ullr Brewing is all about life’s little adventures. The brewery was founded and is currently operated by Brian Wilson (no, not the beach boy). This Brian comes from Omaha, Nebraska in the heart of the USA. 

Brian’s mission is to produce a range of beers with varying intensity levels that meet a variety of tastes and preferences. No matter how mild or extreme the beer is, balance is the highest priority. 

Thank you very much for checking out Ullr Brewing.  

Buy Ullr Bier

By apppointment at Brewery in Einsiedeln OR pickup point in Zürich OR Brian’s Keller in Schönenberg: brian@ullrbier.ch

Friday Home Delivery: Contact Brian during the week to have beer delivered to your door on Friday! Free delivery in Kantons Zürich and Schwyz with CRATE orders of 10 or 24 bottles. A sampler 6-pack is also available in Kantons Zürich and Schwyz for a delivery fee of 7chf.

Restaurants and Bars:

Allmeindstrasse 15
8840 Einsiedeln

Torstrasse 25
9000 Saint Gallen

Fork and Bottle
Allmendstrasse 20
8002 Zürich

Napa Grill
Brandschenkstrasse 130
8002 Zürich

Pizzeria da Franco
Mühlbachstrasse 39
8800 Thalwil

Urban Fork
Ackerstrasse 56
8005 Zürich

St. Urbanstrasse 13
6144 Zell

Flurstrasse 85
8047 Zürich

Special Events: Please see Services page.